I’m excited to introduce you to a new product for the landscape industry.  After working with the first rolled grass paving product for over 20 years, finally there is a rolled product that goes together ULTRA-FAST and brings installation time down to control labor costs like NEVER BEFORE! 

With a nearly identical cross-section as before, the 1” deep GroundPro transfers vehicular loads into the road base below, protecting the root zone just below the surface for a driveable grass surface, IN LESS TIME THAN EVER BEFORE.  (50 second video showing the connection on YouTube

Having supplied and supported the installation of hundreds of thousands of square feet of grass and gravel paving products in the Rocky Mountain States the past few decades, the Stevens Corporation is proud to team up with the makers of StormTank.  An industry leader in underground stormwater detention (https://www.stormtank.com/module-25-series/), Brentwood Industries now rolls out (literally!) the Ground Pro GRS (grass paving) and GroundPro GVS (gravel paving) (https://www.stormtank.com/groundpro/) line of products.

As a representative and stocking distributor for the GroundPro, we look forward to serving your landscape needs with most orders shipping same day or next day as we’ve always done. We invite you to call or e-mail with questions or requests for samples, cut-sheets, specification, installation guidelines, a video of the rolls connecting or anything else.

As always we will continue to serve our innovative clients with cutting edge technology in the landscape, architectural and civil trades.

What some of our customers are saying about the GroundPro rolls:

“With the quick connect roll attachment design, rolls go together much faster and form a better overall carpet of pavers.”

“The pavers form a very stable surface with less gaps between plastic for travelling loads, all while undulating to the road base surface below.”

“Material is available locally, in-stock and is supplied and supported by industry leading staff. I had a partner from design to installation.”

Technical Downloads and Documents