Draincore2 – Subsurface Green-Roof Drainage – Private Residence Hawaii


The grass area is reinforced with Grasspave2 for overflow parking and drainage is provided by Draincore2. The roof deck is the roof of the guest house


Draincore2 is placed above a geo-textile fabric.


Base course is compacted before the Grasspave2 is placed.

After completion, work trucks park on the roof.


The design is based on Invisible Structures’ roof deck detail. The Grasspave2 provides support for cars and automobiles and the Draincore2 provide air/water conveyance.


Water lines are placed inside the base course for irrigation.

Project Name: 
Private Residence

Honolulu, HI

Product Used: 
Draincore2 and Grasspave2

Green Roof Deck with Parking

Install Date: 

Install Size: 
250 m2 (2700 sq. ft) of Draincore2 and 250 m2 (2700 sq. ft) of Grasspave2

Custom home builder

Kevin J. Mulkern Landscaping

Kevin J. Mulkern Landscaping

This “green roof deck” provides multiple functions; cooling the inside temperature, a green landscaped area, and overflow parking for party guests. The roof deck is directly on top of the guest house. It is parked on regularly by the residents and landscape maintenance people.