Grasspave2 – Porous Pavement – REI Flagship Store – Denver, Colorado


Grasspave2 is cut on a curve to fit the adjacent asphalt walkway in the foreground. Another worker is pinning the mat which is optional, but probably a good idea since this is a smaller section than is typical and piecing is being done. A cutout was made for the sprinkler head, located next to the edging.




The fire lane is again curved between rocks and asphalt pathway westerly toward the store entrance on the right which is a new section built to match the architecture of the existing building.




Grasspave2 was cut to fit the curve of the asphalt walkway and bike path headed easterly and matching with the city’s wide, river-access path. The rings are being filled with sandy soil in preparation for sod. The fire lane delineation was creatively a mixture of boulders, trees, and light poles. The Denver skyline is in the background.



View of REI’s building in the background with Starbuck’s Coffee sign in place. The Platte River is a great place to try out a new kayak purchase.


Project Name:
REI Flagship Store

Denver, CO

Product Used:

Fire Lane

Install Date:
January 2000

Install Size:
520 sq. m (5597 sf)

REI Flagship Store


Sabell’s Enterprises

REI renovated the old Forney Museum on the west bank of the Platte River in downtown Denver.  An underground parking structure was built to accommodate shoppers’ cars. The top, ground level, was landscaped into a park. A fire lane of Grasspave2 widens the pedestrian walkways to provide access for safety vehicles. The invisibility of Grasspave2 works well for this client.