Gravelpave2 – Porous Permeable Paving – Stevens Corporation – Denver, Colorado


Gravelpave2 is a structure to provide heavy load bearing support and true containment of gravel to create a porous surface with unlimited traffic volume and/or duration time for parking. The system can be used for storage and filtration of rainwater.

Distributing in Colorado · Montana · Wyoming

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  • Parking for Nearly Any Use

  • Overflow, Stadium and Event Parking

  • Fire/Emergency Access

  • Utility Access

  • Pedestrian Walkways


  • Pervious Load Bearing Surface

  • Low Life-Cycle Maintenance

  • Storm water Pollution Filtration and Treatment

  • Heat Energy Reflection Reduction, “Cool” Surface

  • 15,940 psi Compressive Strength

  • Large Rolls for Easy Installation