Slopetame2 – Slope Reinforcement – Dish Network – Englewood, Colorado


Twenty-seven wildflower seeds were used to give this beautiful wilderness prairie appearance.


The photo below is taken of the area at the top swale at the left of this photo. Both the sides and the lowest part of the swale are reinforced with Slopetame2 as shown.


Overview of swale during mat installation, showing the lower section, curving toward the golf course.

Looking down the swale, the vegetation is dense after several years of native plant growth.



Upper section showing the fabric backed mats of Slopetame2 and the Grasspave2 flanked on either side. View from second terrace.




The June growth is mostly shrubs shown at the high spot and low yellow flowering plants. Later in the summer, other wildflowers will be present.

Project Name:
Dish Network

Englewood, CO

Product Used:
Slopetame2 and Grasspave2


Install Date:

Install Size:
2250 sq. m (24,220 sq. ft)

Merrill Lynch (original owner)

EDAW Landscape Architects

Valley Crest Landscape Inc.

EDAW designed a wildflower seed mixture of twenty-seven different plants for hydro-seeding the swale and side slopes. Slopetame2 is in the center of the swale and Grasspave2 mats flank each side. The rings and fabric from Slopetame2 are holding soils in place to allow sufficient time for plant development. Storm water roof runoff is channeled into the swale through pipe drains. A series of horizontal terraces encourage percolation into soils.