1. bonjour,Je lis votre message avec retard ..Nous partons aussi sur le MSC Orchestra à la même date.Avez-vous trouvé une solution à votre problèmle car votre marge entre arrivée et embarquement me semble un peu juste !!!Nous avons opté pour une nuit à Nice, car je crains toujours les grèves ou retards en tout genre..cordialement et à bientôt !

  2. “Donc avec 0£ de monnaie centrale, il y a de quoi prêter à l’infini !!!”Non car les banques britanniques sont censées respecter les critères de solvabilité de Bâle II (dont elles sont co-signataires) ce qui fait que même avec 0£ de monnaie centrale, à moins d’avoir des fonds propres infinis, elle ne peuvent pas prêter à l’infini…Â

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  5. Jonna & Donld – just unreal. we love you, love your work, but seeing us through your lens is a blessing we’ll have for a lifetime. you made us laugh, cry, and have fun. we can’t thank you enough. these images take me back to each moment, make me cry…can’t wait for the rest! you killed it girl. thank you for making us feel wonderful – J&D

  6. …hjälp. jag fattar ingenting. vadÃ¥ för inställningar? jag vet inte vad jag hÃ¥ller pÃ¥ med! Vad för redigera? har varit o kollat runt pÃ¥ sidorna och hittat tjugotusen olika redigera men ingen av dom nämner nÃ¥t om plugins eller aktivera eller nÃ¥gonting som det stÃ¥r här.

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  8. In all honestly, I can’t imagine Hibiscus (sans power cut obviously) would have been any better than the meal we had at the Square on Thursday. Philip Howard is an extraordinary chef, and his restaurant in my opinion is easily worthy of 3 stars. 3 ‘UK’ stars at least 🙂

  9. I have seen first-hand many success stories from providing help to students with disabilities (or I prefer to say, ‘challenges’) as well as with Aboriginal students, so yes, that’s a good thing. With limited time and resources, these two areas should be the priority until the ‘fine-tuning’ with the other areas are ‘tuned in’.

  10. I know quite a lot of people who have self published and several of them have made a decent amount of money out of it. Personally, I want to go down the traditional publishing route for the verification that my book is of a certain standard. Of course it would be wonderful to earn pots of money but that’s never been the real drive. I’m not even bothered about awards, I just want to be able to share my stories and say I’m a (traditionally) published novelist.

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  12. How did you do it if you don’t mind sharing your process? You must have done it with just one bird using King Sling & Super Seed. You have so many power-ups that I have to assume that you created a bunch of Facebook accounts and use them to send gifts, which sounds tedious as hell.

  13. Wow! What in the hell is wrong with you? Wake up. Look at this post…I’ve allowed every single comment to post and I haven’t deleted a single one. You can’t even comment on CP’s blogposts. I don’t delete anything and I always allow for posts that disagree with me. So you’re wrong about that.

  14. Heej! Tack för en fin blogg…..sen att DU & ditt HEM är sÃ¥ snyggt gör ju allt mkt roligare =)Tänkte tipsa om en blogg…." It´s a house " heter den. Kika in hur dom förvandlat ett sunkigt hyreshus till ett riktigt drömhus! Det är helt otroligt faktiskt! Jag har inte sett bloggen i nÃ¥ns favoriter än sÃ¥ jag tipselitipsar lite =) Ha en skön helg fina du!!!Kram frÃ¥n Sofia en stolt 3 barnsmamma <3

  15. Abi Hector-Taylor – Hi Michellei’m already a huge fan of yours. I’d love to see what you do with the topics‘someone and their shadow’ and ‘objects washed in from the sea’there are such great ideas on your comments page. i can’t wait to see what you come up withAbi

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  17. Dear Allie, I feel the same way you do, I am so lost without her and all of you that I fell that some body drop a bucket of cold water on top of my head, I wish they come back soon, I need to know how she and her baby are doing every single day, hugs Ingrid.

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  22. Jo, jag hade en uppdatering om att bilderna är dokumentära tidigare. Tog tillbaka den nu, så att du kan läsa. Som Karl Kajal påpekar: det är ändå bilden med benen som valts. Och man har valt att beskära bilden så att det blir fokus på benen och klackarna och strålkastarna, medan bilden i sitt originalutförande visar hela situationen. Men absolut. Ibland, under vissa sekunder i vissa skogar, ser verkligheten ut precis som på genrebilderna. (Ganska poetiskt.)

  23. All the starters are around +15. All the bench players are around -15. Are we gonna have the worst bench in the league once again? All Mike Brown knows how to do is play his starters so many minutes in the regular season so they get burnt out come playoff time. He has no idea about how to cultivate a bench.

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  25. Did Howard Stern say something that day to make you stop listening, or did that day make you think, “life’s too short to listen to people saying ‘bababooey’”?I love that you went not just into the subway, but into 1515. I was afraid to walk uptown because I didn’t even want to pass 1515. I thought, “Terrorists hate our racy music videos. They’ll bomb Viacom next.”

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  28. Hardly any of the things that make me love the book made it into this film, and I feel completely disconnected from the almost universal praise it's gotten. It's a bit like showing up to a family reunion and discovering that a beloved aunt has somehow been replaced by a middle-aged hipster, and all anybody seems to be talking about is how clever the hipster is.

  29. BlahOhio1 January 6, 2011 – 7:03 pm I personally don’t care about the whole 2012 biz because of the fact it’s the end of the Mayan calender, not the end of the world! So chillax, smoke some bud, read a magazine.. This earth has been here for a long ass time..I highly doubt it’s going anywhere in our lifetime.. SO RELAAAAAAXXXXXXX!!

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  31. McK: gotcha. Maybe the best way to handle the whinging blamers is to give them what they want, and pull the troops out. *If* it does turn out that NK wants to wipe out SK, in the long term would it not serve US best interests to let that happen? I guess is depends on whether that would make use of nukes more or less likely.

  32. It would probably be helpful to give some positive points as well, such as the fact that many evangelicals are very deeply committed to sacrifice for the sake of missions and even social action. I was not meaning to necessarily lay out an “us” versus “them” critique. In my opinion we are all Evangelicals, just some of us happen to be willing to be Separatists. Really, one of the main purposes of separation is exhortation to biblical fidelity with the hopes of protecting it and encouraging change toward it. I hope our voice will encourage those desiring to have a Biblical philosophy of missions in the midst of the uphill struggle.

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  34. Yes, praying during the conversation, yep. Oh yeah, I always feel like I can’t fix what folks are going through but I know who can. I also let them know that they will definitely need to pray for themselves as well. Thanks for the work prayer. I received it and believe I WILL IN JESUS NAME! 🙂

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  43. Wow. The post was actually very interesting, pointing to cultural differences. Yet the comments are, again, mostly about how terrible Fallon is. Based on your vitriol alone, I’ll be rooting for them. Starting with the candy trumpets – gold everything next year. Maybe platinum.

  44. I'm resorting my fabrics in color order today. I noticed I have little to no browns and greens. Crazy amount of pinks…I'm quite jealous of your fancy cutting machine. I'm also going through my scraps to find good ones for the SV quilt and I bet it'd go a lot faster cutting with one of those!!

  45. The Dems were under the mistaken impression that the Rethugs were going to lay low on the prosecutorial stuff…Pelosi is most likely, guilty.The only thing the Rethugs are going to accomplish is to force the Dems to let the dogs loose.It isn’t the Dems who would take the major hit from that.

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  53. Pbrain, WHY WOULD THE GUY WHO’S AHEAD IN THE POLLS WANT AN EARLY DEBATE?and WHY WOULD THE GUY WHO’S TRAILING WANT TO POSTPONE? The published polls are out of sync with candidate behavior. Aren’t you the least bit curious? Or are you just afraid of the answer.

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  56. Kaneganese,Thanks. The newspaper company may have taken a simple mistake – taking another map by the same geographer (Hayashi Shihei) as 三国接壌之図. BTW, the islet drawn beside Ulleungdo in the 三国接壌之図 is not Liancourt Rocks but Jukdo. Even if Kim Jang-Hoon really bought the map 三国接壌之図, it wouldn’t be a help for pro-Korean scholars’ claim.

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  63. Sorry I missed this when it was first posted – so thanks for the link. The only reason this moran even ran in the primary was because two anti-Israel ding-dongs in Las Vegas advanced him the funding. He wasn’t running so much as distributing funds. He knew he had no chance but wanted the limelight again if only for a few weeks. heh.

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  66. Wendy, good to hear you have another interview. Hope it goes well.May I ask, What is the significance of tiring the fringe? I'm guessing it has to be done in a specific way, but not clear why. (none of the people I've known who were Jewish were observant – I don't know much beyond the basics) I had the first ripe tomatoes from my garden today, and now it's raining, and much cooler.

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  68. I’m looking so forward to baking this! but I wonder if you could tell me a rough amount of flour used in this recipe? I’m planning on using the condensed milk filling alternative for a firmer bake, but I hope it looks half as beautiful as this creation! I adore your blog- thank you so much for posting recipes to more unusual and beautiful cakes and patisseries!

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  310. sorry this doesn’t relate to this post but i’m just curious (and for anyone who reads this comment!), are there any “healthy foods” you don’t like? i eat everything and will try anything once, but i just had tempeh and was so grossed out! i don’t know what it was so maybe i would like it if it was prepared differently, but i was sadly not a fan!

  311. Denise,I have read 3 of your books: Almost Perfect, Winter’s Heat and Summer’s Storm. I believe that Almost Perfect is the best one. From a reader’s perspective, it’s the verbal exchange between the characters that is the most fun to read especially when it brings the characters to life as well as you did. You did a brilliant job in Almost Perfect. I found myself howling with laughter at points in the book. Thank you. It is not easy to make me laugh. I know it is most likely the most difficult part to write, you show great talent in that way.Thanks again, Julia

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  314. Beth Anne Miller:Hi Wen,That’s such a lovely sentiment Thank you for sharing it!I confess, it makes me feel a wee bit selfish for thinking I’d like to go back to a few hundred years ago where there were horses and swords and men in kilts. (And hunger, and disease, and all sorts of other ills, I guess… but it’s my romantic fantasy, isn’t it??) Thanks for your kind words, and for checking out this blog!

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  317. So, all the neighbors came here from behind the mountains and across DanubeIt doesn't really matter what your genetic origins are. Ancient Macedonians didn't speak Slavic, you do. End of story. But, even on the genetic front, it's much more likely that the indigenous (pre-Slavic) genetic component in FYROMians consists of the indigenous people of FYROM (mainly Paionians), rather than the Macedonians.But if you were 100% Macedonian genetically, the sad fact remains that you speak Slavic not Macedonian.If you really want to be reckoned as Macedonians, step #1 is to learn Greek.

  318. skyhook isn’t cool. It’s not macho, it’s not something you watch on a highlight and go “oh wow, did you see that!?!”. It’s just a “get up a little bit, lift your leg in a girly way and lob the ball”-thing that no teenager obsessed with his image would ever want to waste time on.Because what you can do with it once you’ve learned it wouldn’t enter a teenage boy’s mind… trust me, I grew up with them.

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  322. “Camping Trip” I think we added the hours to about 86? Could not walk or talk straight for the whole time. I don’t remember much of it but I know we started with the girl drinks like Smirnoff( sp? ) ice and that sort of things, then discovered vodka and gatorade, then came the beer pong nad drinking games. There were margaritas in there some where. The second or third day someone introduced jungle juice. It got so bad by the end we were just drinking straight outta the bottle.I think for that weekend we spent close to $300 on alcohol.

  323. I’m going to be speaking on this issue to our Young Adult group next month and was wondering what you consider a “fair” approach to understanding the Emerging/Emergent church? How have you broken this down in the past? Are there simple resources available to help in preparation?

  324. When I met you last fall in Houston, sitting across from you in that Mexican restaurant, I was so intimidated at first. Not just that you're close to 1/2 foot taller than me, but you were there with all of your FQ crew. But as soon as you started pulling out your Sample Spree loot, and your face lit up, I thought "wow, she's a lot like me". It was wonderful to meet you and Brioni and get a taste of all that delicious British-ness. Thank you for being so open…it's wonderful and refreshing.

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