Our primary and ultimate goal is the successful project outcome for our clients.  As a representative for product manufacturers, we strive to create local vested relationships between our clients and the innovative products we represent.  We value the concept of a true team of design and construction professionals to accomplish any project and we want to be an integral part of this team.

What WE DO to accomplish this:

1. Take-off and material estimating assistance.
Understanding that things uncontrollably change from the drafting board to project’s completion, we recommend and suggest certain overages to most quantity estimations with a keen eye to keeping waste down to a minimum so project profit’s can be achieved and material is not wasted in a landfill after the project is complete.

2. Professional guidance and sharing past experience. With years of construction experience to go with our in-depth product knowledge we strive to help our clients use products as they are intended in any given scenario.  Since our highest goal is for your project to go well, we won’t be afraid to tell you if a particular product is ill-suited to your need.  We know you’ll trust us in the long-term with this guiding principal and it makes our TEAM EFFORT that much more valuable to you, the client.

3. Product availability. For most of our product offering we stock product locally for IMMEDIATE AVAILABILITY to our valued clients.  For custom orders we work as a representative for our client with regard to receiving product in a timely fashion.  We’ll use every resource to be sure you have product on site when it’s needed.  This may mean using alternative sizes or products but we’ll advise the client with all the lead-times and options to best evaluate what can work best for the TEAM moving forward.  We also coordinate delivery to further assure products arrive on-site as needed without unnecessary delay.

4. Product (system) installation guidance.  We review at every step how the product you have purchased from us is intended to be used, including related materials and labor techniques.  The whole picture is reviewed with your appropriate staff to be sure no stone goes unturned.  We mail and e-mail product literature, samples and technical data as needed.  Then we take care to discuss with installers all the essential steps for using our products.  We are on-site for critical issues or questions as needed at no charge.

5. Follow up and satisfaction guarantee.  As a fully insured product manufacturer’s representative, we offer manufacturer warrantees as needed and will work with the manufacturers to get the most advantageous warrantees available.  We believe that your current project’s success makes for a long-term relationship.  We’ll be following up with you or your staff to be sure everything goes well and to get any suggestions on how we can better serve you going forward.  We are grateful for your business!