StormTank® Module 20 Series

Fewer units, faster installation. Introducing a new stormwater solution built around the contractor.


The new StormTank Module 20 Series is a subsurface stormwater storage unit rated for use under standard load applications, such as parking lots and athletic fields. Created for project professionals to achieve quick turnaround, the Module 20 Series was designed with the contractor in mind.

The Module 20 Series’ larger, simplified design allows for quick assembly and requires fewer total units needed for a project without sacrificing storage capacity, reducing installation time and labor costs


  • Fully-factored HS-20 load rating
  • Extensively tested in a full-scale installation setting
  • Simple to assemble, install, and clean
  • Available in three heights: 18-, 24-, and 36-inch
  • Nominal footprint: 21″ x 42″

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