StormTank® Module 25 Series

Premier Solution for Subsurface Stormwater Storage


The StormTank Module 25 Series is a subsurface stormwater storage unit commonly used for stormwater retention, detention, infiltration, and rainwater harvesting applications. It is load-rated for extreme applications, like heavy truck or under fire access roads, offering maximum strength while allowing for utilization of valuable land.

The Module 25 Series system can be flexibly designed to meet your specific site requirements and achieve compliance with strict runoff regulations. It is easily designed around existing structures and tight constraints, offered in a range of column heights to vary storage capacity and is stackable to reduce installation footprint.


  • Fully-factored HS-25 load rating
  • Extensively tested in a full-scale installation setting
  • Maximum 97% void space
  • Available in six heights, including 12-, 18-, 24-, 30-, 33-, and 36-inch
  • Nominal footprint: 18″ x 36″

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