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GroundPro Grass nd Gravel Title

GroundPro GRV
Gravel Paver System

GroundPro GRV is designed and engineered to be a superior ground stabilization product for gravel applications, while still allowing water to infiltrate.

Pre-assembled GroundPro GRV rolls considerably reduce install time and costs.  The heat-fused fabric prevents aggregate migration and rutting.

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GroundPro GRS
Grass Paver

GroundPro GRS provides ground stabilization and protection for grass applications.

The GroundPro paver system provides a means to reduce runoff by eliminating impervious surfaces and promoting infiltration.

GroundPro GRV and GRS products are in stock and ready to ship across the United States.


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How We Are Different

Easy-to-connect rolls

1" deep pavers

92% void space

In stock, ready to ship

Landscape architect on staff

Made in the U.S.A.

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GroundPro GRS and GRV are flexible, permeable pavers used in ground stabilization and protection applications.

GroundPro's uniquely engineered design delivers superior load-rating and torsional resistance, while the flexible framework allows for easy installation. GroundPro’s high compressive strength and permeability make it an ideal eco-friendly alternative to impervious paved surfaces while promoting stormwater infiltration, limiting runoff, preventing soil compaction, and reducing the heat island effect.

Stevens Corporation has landscape architects on staff, available to answer your design, specification, detail, estimating, and installation questions.

Whether you are an engineer, landscape architect, or contractor, we can help. Just give us a call.

Recommended Applications

Gravel path city park - Copy
Pedestrian Only

Hiking and rec trails, bike paths, accessibility.

Groundpro Gravel Driveway - Copy
Personal Vehicular

Parking stalls, residential driveways, and golf cart paths.

GroundPro Grass Apps Light Duty
Light Duty (H-10)

Parking lots, roadways shoulder, overflow parking

GroundPro Project3
Medium Duty (H-15)

Washdown areas, RV access, service vehicular access.

GroundPro product with firetruck_Stevens Corp2
High Duty (H-25)

Emergency lanes, equipment areas, trailer overflow.

GroundPro in Action

StormTank GroundPro GRS
Installation & How It Works

StormTank GroundPro GRV
Installation & How It Works

GroundPro Paver
"Quick Connect" Feature

“GroundPro rolls install fast with the easy connectors eliminating excess hours on the jobsite.”

Landscape Contractor, Atlanta, Georgia