Rubber and Plastic Concrete Form Liners and Thin Brick Systems

Architectural Polymers has been a leader and innovator in the concrete form fabrication industry for over 15 years, offering concrete solutions to meet the individual needs of your pre-cast, tilt-up and cast-in-place construction projects.

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Porous Pavement and Stormwater Detention

Invisible Structures products can be more attractive than conventional site development. Beautiful, green parking lots and fire lanes; decorative gravel trails and access road;, green roofs; vegetated swales; replacing unsightly detention ponds and more.

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Geocomposite Drain Boards and Strip Drains

The search and need for an effective drainage system has always played a vital role in the construction industry. In the past, con- ventional crushed stone and perforated pipe has been used, but this system has several inherent limitations and shortcomings. With the development of geosynthetic geotextile fabrics in the 1960’s, the era of the prefabricated drainage system was born.

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The Nation's Pioneer of Non-Concrete Sidewalks

TERREWALKS® is the next generation non-concrete sidewalk, a cost effective and aesthetically desirable alternative to concrete pavements for all urban, commercial and residential applications.

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